Documentary written and directed by Julia Zahar.


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Nastassja Kinski,
une vie à soi

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Foutraque(!) Jean-Pierre Mocky cinéaste

mardi 6 août sur Paris Première


welcome to the land of preconceived ideas !

L'écran Démoniaque

Le cinéma des fantômes japonais

Forever Young

vieillir au cinéma

Bye bye Tiberias - by Lina Soualem

World Premiere in Venise Biennale, selected at TIFF

Mad in Belgium

Julio Iglesias - Amour, Gloire et Chansons

Available on since the 14 december.


CANAL + Available on mycanal

Cinéma by... Laurent Lafitte

CANAL+ and myCANAL - 2022

A look of one's own

Pioneering artists in the Paris of the "Années Folles".

The eye, the brush and the cinematographer

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Selected at the 40th edition of FIFA in feature film competition.

Simply wrong

Available on Mycanal

Pierre Cardin

the factory of the future

House of series

Sur mycanal

Memories of Bong Joon-Ho

Bolero, a Global Hit

Watch it on & on Arte the 18th of January at 0h05

Cinema by... Yvan Attal

The Twinkling Eye

So Bad It's Good

a nearly-rare species

Cinema by...
Michel Hazanavicius

Last Train to Seoul

Cinema by...
Albert Dupontel

I Love Isabelle Huppert

surviving in the movies

Gardens, a paradise
for artists

The Real Life of
The WAGs

Shoot !
Filming War

Anatomy of Crime fiction

French Cinema
Mon Amour

Divine Comedy

Robert Mapplethorpe
a life in New York

Singing Futures